Best Resources #2: 9 Best Tools for Digital Nomads

Here is the second part of our new content serie. In this part, we will list best tools for digital nomads to get your work done and keep nomading.

Let’s begin!

1 – Every Time Zone

Every Time Zone
When you’re away from your home or working collaboratively with other nomads from anywhere, time starts to fade away. So, if you don’t want to call your co-worker at middle of the night, Every Time Zone will help you.

2 – Boomr – Mobile Time Tracking for the Modern Workforce

If you are away from your office, you can easily keep up with your colleagues, track your and your team members’ time and work efficiently.

3 – Croissant – Enjoy Coworking in Different Cities

If you need a place to work when you’re away, Croissant is the tasty solution as it sounds.

4 – Focus@Will – Reduce distractions

Reduce distractions at where you are.

5 – Slidebean – Presentations that design themselves

If you work remote and don’t know any designer for your presentations, Slidebean is a perfect solution.

6 – GAIN – Automate Your Social Media Approvals

GAIN makes the social publishing workflow easy for agencies, social media managers and anyone working in teams. Especially if you work remotely.

7 – Magnetic – All-in-one Agency Management Software Built for Productivity

If you own an agency or work for it, you can keep up with your teammates and work efficiently with Magnetic while you’re away.

8 – Uploadcare – We Handle Your Files, So You Don’t Have To!

If you are a nomad developer, you can use Uploadcare for your uploading and hosting processes

9 – Good Audience – Makes Your Content Go Viral

Good Audience
If you have an online brand and want to improve your brand communication and also, if you are a Social Media Manager who is looking for daily job Good Audience is perfect solution


We missed any digital nomad tools?

Don’t forget that we’re always open to suggestions. So if we miss the tool that you’re involved in, please feel free to contact us.


Author: Nomad Projects

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