Best Resources: 8 communities for Digital Nomads

Today, we are starting a new content serie for our community. We will list all helpful resources for making a digital nomads’ life easier. Our aim is to help digital nomads survive in this age where remote work is on the rise.

In this very first piece of our content serie we’ve found the best, most helpful and active communities to collaborate with other digital nomads. If you know any other communities that would be helpful for digital nomads, please let us know!

Here is the list of best 8 communities for Digital Nomads. Let’s begin!

1- #NomadList (paid) – “A social network for digital nomads”

A social network for digital nomads

2 – #NomadEntrepreneurs – “A community for travelers indulging in startup life”

#NomadEntrepeneurs is a young community with a growing number of active members from all over the world. The group consists of programmers, CEO’s, marketing specialists, content and product managers, and many more interesting people.

3 – /r/DigitalNomad – Sub-reddit for Digital Nomads

reddit - Digital Nomad Board
THE reddit group specificaly for Digital Nomads. Check it out!

4 – Nomad Projects – “Side projects community for digital nomads” (and yes, this is shameless self promotion)

Nomad Projects
Nomad Projects is a platform for digital nomads who want to start a side project. Connect with other nomads so ideas don’t stay ideas, but grow into a side project with diverse expertise.

5 – Speak Nomad – “Excuse me, do you speak nomad?”

Speak Nomad
Come join 428 digital nomads sharing knowledge, swapping ideas and beating away the loneliness. It’s free.

6 – web-work-travel – “Travel guide & community for digital nomads”

Joining the web work travel Facebook community makes it easier for you to connect to digital nomads around the world, learn from them and meet up in the amazing destinations.

7 – Digital Nomads Forum – “Ask away! No more paid memberships, just an awesome community”

Digital Nomads Forum
The fastest growing FREE digital nomads forum.

8 – Nomad Network – “Connect with Nomads all around the world.”

Nomad Network
The idea of Nomad.Network is to make your trip easier, cheaper and much more fun. Nomad.Network allows you to talk, ask and meet other digital nomads and local residents wherever you go.

We missed any digital nomad communities?

Don’t forget that we’re always open to suggestions. So if we miss the community that you’re involved in, please feel free to contact us.


Author: Nomad Projects

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