Nomad Projects Has Been Acquired

tl;dr: Nomad Projects has been acquired by Glean, a creative agency for social good.

Hello there, I’m Jesse, one of the co-founders of Glean, a creative agency focused on social good. For the last six years, we’ve been working on providing strategy, design, and development services for NGOs and social enterprises.

We like good work that’s done well. One of the challenges of running an agency is finding the right people to work with; clients and contractors who share our desire to get stuff done. Like all companies, we know the pain of seeing our emails go unanswered and great projects left to meander.

But from our base in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, we’ve also worked with some absolute diamonds. Digital nomads – people who work wherever they are in the world, and who don’t see a need to choose between doing great professional work and seeing the world – have been a vital part of some of our biggest projects.

The problem isn’t a lack of great professionals in the world. The problem is finding them. We want there to be a place where people who deliver high-quality work can find each other and build fruitful working relationships; so say hello to Nomad Projects.

We are proud to announce Nomad Projects as our latest acquisition. Nomad Projects is a marketplace that links up global nomad workers with people who need self-motivated, creative workers to work on interesting side projects together and get stuff done.

The reason for the purchase was simple: we want to invest in the community that has given us so much. Glean was started by digital nomads with the belief that good work can come from anywhere at anytime. Nomad Projects is our investment back into the digital nomad community.

Over the next few months we will start to roll out new features to the platform, enabling Nomad Projects to be not only a fantastic way to discover your next side project, but a platform to find your next paid gig as well.

If you’re jsut starting out as a nomad: congratulations. It’s a great way to work, and we’re excited to connect you with clients who share your outlook.

If you’re a client who wants to hire people who do good work and get you great results on time, we’re delighted to be able to link you up with a workforce that works for you.

And if you’re an experienced nomad with grit in your boots and extra pages in your passport already – call us when you’re in Phnom Penh and let’s get a beer.

Get started at – and drop us a line at if there’s any questions we can answer for you.

Author: Jesse Orndorff

Co-founder of Glean | Designer | Developer | Startups -