Startup Stories #1: RESOLVD

I am very happy to introduce you to Resolvd. One of the first side projects that started on NomadProjects. Resolvd is a professional Task Manager App for designers and developers, that allows tech teams to increase their productivity during the product making process by focusing on execution.

Resolvd was started by DK (designer) and his Co-founder Matt (developer). We spoke with DK and he told us about how this side project got together and what their aim is.

About the side project

When did you get the idea?
“The idea came from my side about 6 months ago. But as it turned out later, Matt suffered from the same issues as well, so resonating on same problems brought us together as a team.”

Why is it awesome?
“Me and my Co-founder Matt are Designer and Developer ourselves, so we feel the pain of managing Development and Design tasks, and that’s the main reason why we started Resolvd.”

“We’re excited about the huge amount of project management problems that tech people are dealing with every day to get things done.”

Tell us about the process. And where are you now?
“Initially we noticed huge inconvenience in our own professional workflow. Then, prior to any design of the actual solution, after doing some user research (that is constantly running) we noticed a few things. We’ve found out that there are actually a lot of designer and developer peers that are suffering from similar problems.

After confirming some of our assumptions and learning a lot of new stuff directly from our potential users, we’ve been busy.  We’ve created designs, interactive prototypes and started the development of the app itself.

Currently we’re on our late development stage, and gonna be launching our free private Beta very soon (application process for Beta access is still on).”

Where do you see your project in 2 years?

“We’re 100% committed to what we’re doing and hope that in 2 years we will create the product that developers and designers would love to use every day. Also we hope it becomes a project we can constantly improve upon by working on it full time.”

About the people behind the side project

How did you find your partner in crime?
“We’ve met each other on I’ve (DK) published the idea of Resolvd and Matt joined me almost immediately. So, thanks to you guys, we now have an amazing team of two that is capable of creating this cool app.”

What is your background?
“DK – UI/UX Designer with over 7 years of Design industry experience. Matt – Web Software Developer with over 9 years of Software Development industry experience.”

“Initially we’ve noticed huge inconvenience in our own professional workflow.”

What are you most excited about that you did learn so far?
“We’re excited about the huge amount of project management problems that tech people are dealing with every day to get things done. But even more impressive is the mix of tools, hacks and hustle they need to perform in order to just do their job. It’s not easy, but that’s a huge opportunity for us to make work life of our peers easier and provide value by making a great solution.”


What do you want to share with other nomads starting or working on a side project?
1) Do your research of the problem you’re about to solve first before, during and after creating a solution. Don’t just follow your assumptions.

2) Find the one to collaborate with, who really resonates with the same problems you want to solve. People are the main resource of success, so try to find partner(s) that complement you both in terms of skills and personality. Also 2 heads are better than one, especially in startup environment, where there’s just too much work for one person. As we’ve proved this already, resources like are great for that.”

“It’s not easy, but that’s a huge opportunity for us to make work life of our peers easier and provide value by making a great solution.”

What is your favorite city/place that every nomad should visit?
“We truly believe that location doesn’t matter! DK is located in Kyiv, Ukraine, Matt is located in Austin, USA. Also lots of our active early adopters are located all over the world as well. But thanks to the Internet we all are able to communicate immediately and create amazing things regardless of our location. We see this trend from top companies all over the world, and we totally support it.”

“Traveling though helps a lot to explore the world from different angles to spark creativity, so do it! The only city/place is the best for you, is the one that keeps you motivated, active and creative.”

Any other things we should know about you/your side project?
“We truly want our app to be the achievement of tech community, not just our business. So the most honest and straightforward feedback possible from our users is more than welcomed! Positive or negative, any opinion and experience matters! We’ve put aside our feelings and are excited to listen to you, because we want to build a cool product that will provide real strong value.”


You can still sign up for the free beta access on Find Resolvd on Twitter, Facebook, F6S, AngelList and recently they have been featured on Betalist.

Author: Linda Even

Co-founder @NomadProjects | Hungry to travel | Digital Nomad | Fascinated by UX and ideas | Food Photographer | Restaurant Menu Designer