Start Your Side Project – It may surprise you what you achieve!

BEHIND THE SCENES #1 | New team members!

The idea of NomadProjects started in October 2015, in Sicilia, Italy. That night we didn’t called it NomadProjects yet, but the idea was born to help nomads all over the world to connect to start a side project. You probably know that feeling, that you are so excited about an idea you have, that you can’t sleep anymore. And new ideas and crazy thoughts keep popping up. That is exactly how it went that night too.

Looking back to that night now…

I couldn’t imagine that less than a year later, we’d welcome our new team members. Who believe too in the power of ideas and connecting people to build awesome side projects. I would like to introduce them properly to you, that is why I am writing this blog. To introduce the people behind NomadProjects to you.

Of course there is Thom. You probably already know him, it was his genius idea that night. As the founder of NomadProjects he worked like crazy to make this happen. To build the site and to live the ‘just do it’. And there is me, Linda. We might have talked about your idea or explored opportunities to support each other. We started NomadProjects that night in October, and now it is time to add new energy and new superpowers to our side project.

Meet David and Kutay!

David works on the code and infrastructure of the site. He and Thom will introduce a lot of new features we have been thinking about lately. To make it easier to find the right partner for your side project. As David says: “I feel that there is something amazing about the entire collaborative process of different people coming together to take one or more ideas and turn them into a reality, so being a part of a team that facilitates that kind of connection is awesome!”

Love at first compile

He was born in North Carolina, but raised in the aftermath of the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan. “I have been messing around with computers nearly my entire life. I wrote my first program in assembly when I was 11. In 1999 I was introduced to Linux, and it was love at first compile.

In 2006 I left Charlotte NC and moved down to Columbia where I have been working as a developer, freelancer and consultant. I have done agency work as well as Government and Private Sector. Although based in Columbia, SC my work has carried me all up and down the east coast. Working remotely allows me to work where ever I am, from Mexico to Denmark to Germany.”

Turn ideas into reality

Kutay works on the marketing and is going to make sure we reach out to as many people as possible to start a side project on NomadProjects. Because of him we finally launched our blog, yay! Together we will take care of the growth of NomadProjects, so there are even more people to connect with for your new side project. Kutay says: “What I like about NomadProjects is that it boosts your chances to turn your ideas into reality and helps you to work without boundaries. This is exciting to work on.”

Kutay was born and raised in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. “After I got my university degree, I moved to Istanbul to work in advertising and marketing industry. I have been working in marketing (especially digital marketing) for almost 10 years and in these years I’ve got the chance to work with leading local and global brands. In the meantime I worked with many start-ups as a marketingconsultant to help them grow. This whole journey gave me an amazing opportunity to work on different subjects and industries.”

Just start your side project…

With the expansion of the team we are ready to help more digital nomads to find their partner in crime to start an awesome side project. Just start…it may surprise you what you achieve. 😉

Author: Linda Even

Co-founder @NomadProjects | Hungry to travel | Digital Nomad | Fascinated by UX and ideas | Food Photographer | Restaurant Menu Designer